Providing Women’s Health Physical Therapy and Postnatal Assessments in the comfort of your own home.

Stay in the comfort of your home and let Allison provide the rest. No special equipment needed. Together with Allison, you will discuss what is going on for you and come up with a plan that works. This might include some manual work, education, exercise, movement, mechanics (even with baby) and a detailed program will be emailed to you after the session so you can continue to make progress on your own.


  • House calls start at $450

*Please note that Allison is out of network, does not accept insurance and does not provide super bills. All sales are final.

Allison's Approach

TRAINING AND APPROACH HIGHLIGHTS:  Internal pelvic floor assessment (APTA), visceral manipulation (Barral Institute), movement science (Movement Links) and Dynamic Neuromusclular Stabilization (Prague School of Rehabilitation).

Allison approaches each client on a holistic and individual basis.  She begins with an extensive assessment of your history as well as a physical exam of posture, movements, joint range of motion, visceral assessment, strength and function to determine your specific impairments.  If necessary, Allison will also conduct an internal pelvic floor examination as part of your assessment.

Together you determine your goals for working with Allison.  This might be rehab, Pilates, wellness or a combination of them all.  She uses education, manual therapy and exercise to align and strengthen you so that you can function without pain in the most efficient movement patterns, prevent injury and reach your goals.

Along with her women’s health training, Allison’s treatment philosophy also comes from a movement science approach. Allison specifically looks at musculoskeletal pain syndromes and developmental kinesiology.  She has been largely influenced by Clare Frank, DPT who teaches both movement science and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, a philosophy from the Prague School of Rehabilitation rooted in developmental kinesiology.